David Masters

Business Development Manager

Direct Line: 09 445 0345

I’ve been a Business Development Manager here since October 2023. The never-ending solutions our platform provides brings me excitement when approaching and talking to our customers. It’s fantastic to hear ‘wow’ when we demo the platform to a variety of business. I love that I’m backed by a supportive and encouraging team, allowing me to learn and speak to multiple types of business daily.

One of my favourite things about my role is speaking to new clients and understanding what their goals and objectives are, and presenting our platform that can genuinely help. I think the best features we offer is the extensive information the platform provides, while also being able to filter this down to projects that excite you and your business.

If I’m not at work you’ll find me on a football pitch, watching football or playing fifa. If it’s not football, I’ll be walking on the beach with a coffee, playing golf or having a beer or more..

What’s your greatest achievement or something you’re really proud of? 
My proudest achievements have come from playing football, playing nationally and internationally. Playing at a perimier league stadium in England is something I’ll never forget.

Morning/afternoon drink choices? 
Nothing like a triple shot flat white to kickstart the day, followed by a cheeky margarita in the sun when the day is done.

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