Manage your Pipeline

Pipeline Manager is a flexible add-on to Pacifecon Online enabling your own customised reporting

Decide when you want projects reported in YOUR Pipeline Manager:

  • once a project becomes a qualified opportunity
  • once you have made initial contact
  • once you have presented a quote

Decide how to filter your Pipeline:

  • By Product Lines
  • By Region
  • By Bidding Stage: Quoted, Won, Lost
  • By Type of Project
  • By Team

Decide what information of your own you want added to your pipeline. Examples include: Contacted Date, Contact Person, Specifications, Quote Amount, Negotiation Notes, Probability, Supply Date, ROI.

Decide what type of field each of these custom fields will be:

  • Text
  • Memo
  • Number
  • $ Amount
  • Date
  • Percentage

Talk with us about enhancing your processes with Pacifecon’s Pipeline Manager