John Houma

National Sales Manager

Direct Line: 09 445 0345

At Pacifecon, John is responsible for overseeing and managing the sales operations on a national level. A typical day includes collaborating with the sales team to provide support, guidance and training, and developing strategic plans to help them achieve their targets. John ensures the team can work effectively and efficiently by analysing sales data and market trends, identifying areas for improvement and growth.

Each day John is on the lookout for ways to enhance the customer experience. He typically starts his day with researching industry news and trends to help identify new opportunities. He also builds and maintains relationships with key clients and stakeholders and liaises with all departments within the business to ensure a cohesive and effective sales strategy.

John brings with him several years of experience in sales management at both regional and national levels. As a result he has a deep understanding of the sales process and the challenges involved in managing a diverse team, as well as analysing market trends, identifying customer needs, and adapting sales approaches accordingly, which is crucial to his role of driving sales and expanding market share.

He loves having the opportunity to serve, work closely and collaboratively with members of the team, and has a passion for leadership and management of people. He hopes to provide meaningful results and strives for continuous improvement.

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