Lincoln Croucamp

Head of Technology

Direct Line: 09 445 0345

I started with the Pacifecon team in February 2024 as the Head of Technology. My favourite thing about working at Pacifecon is that everyone is super friendly and also so passionate about the construction industry. All things technology and information get me excited to get up in the morning and I love giving companies the ability to plan projects now and into the future.

When I am not working, I love cycling with my family, Fishing, and Jet ski-ing. I also love spending time in nature, and I get my daily fix for energy by going to the Gym. I love supporting my kids when they participate in sport, too.

One of my greatest work achievements is receiving an award for my leadership in recovery from a Cyber Incident, as well as restoring my work/life balance, and a personal achievement is being able to provide a great opportunity to my family and kids to continue our lives in New Zealand.

Morning/afternoon drink of choice?
I love Cappuccino and enjoy a glass of wine when those beautiful sunsets paint the sky.

One random fact about yourself? 
I spent 2 years in the Army when I was 18 years old.