Simon Prentice

Business Development Manager

Direct Line: 09 445 0345

I’ve been working here as a Business Development Manager since June 2021 – it’s a journey of continued learning and support. My favourite thing about working with Pacifecon is the varied and interesting business and personal stories nearly every prospect shares with me. What I enjoy most about my role is the amazing staff.

I believe the best thing about Pacifecon for our customers is that the platform allows subscribers to be more effective and efficient with their time.

When I’m not at work I’ll be kite surfing, playing chess, cooking for friends and family or tending to my pets – a dog, cats, chickens and a parrot.

What’s one random fact about yourself?
The day my Son was born there at Auckland Hospital (15/8/2011) it snowed in Auckland and my (then 3 year old) daughter and I stood outside the hospital catching snowflakes

Morning/afternoon drink of choice?
Coffee then a Milkshake washed down with a beer.